Jiangsu to present cultural feast to the public next month
2012-08-23 15:31:00

The press conference for the first culture and art festival in Jiangsu province is held.

The First China Jiangsu Culture and Art Festival will be held from Sept 9 to Oct 10, bringing a grand cultural and artistic feast for the public.

During the festival, the organizer will put on 36 shows of excellent cultural works made in China and abroad, send artists to townships and villages to stage 13 performances, and facilitate around 1,200 public cultural activities, especially those taking place on venues like citizens’ squares themed at promoting the “Jiangsu culture”, in 13 provincially-administered cities of Jiangsu.

Leading performances made in Jiangsu such as dance drama Xiu Niang (The Queen of Embroidery) and Chinese comedy Nanny of the Gu Family, as well as classic foreign plays such as musical Mama Mia! And modern dance drama Carmen will be put on stage, according to the organizing committee.

The festival will also feature some 10 major events including fine arts, sculpture, and photography exhibitions, cultural forums and the awarding ceremony for the 7th China Peony Award for Folk Arts.

Special tickets with discounts for the shows will be offered for students and low-income groups for better participation of the public.

And the festival will be held biannually.

The festival is hosted jointly by the Publicity Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Xinhua Daily Group, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation and Jiangsu Yanyi Group.
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