Press conference on the First “Jiangsu Skill Championship Competition”
2012-05-10 10:12:00

Xiao Xueliang: In order to carry out the essence of the 12th Provincial Congress of the Party, as well as the “Outline of Jiangsu’s Long-and-Medium-Term Plan for Talent Development” (2010-2020), Jiangsu Provincial Government decides to sponsor the “Jiangsu Skill Championship Competition” across the province. The competition aims to energetically strengthen the cultivation of highly skilled personnel and actively promote the implementation of the Jiangsu Indicator System for Basic Modernization. The finals of the first “Jiangsu Skill Championship Competition” will be held in August, jointly organized by Jiangsu Provincial Organization Department, Jiangsu Provincial Publicity Department, Leading Group Office of Jiangsu For Talent Issues, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resource and Social Security, Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Committee, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing Building and Construction, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transport, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Labor Unions, Jiangsu Communist Youth League, Provincial Women’s Federation and other departments and institutions. To enforce the leadership to the competition, Jiangsu Provincial Government has set up a special organization committee. Li Yunfeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and executive vice governor, is appointed to be the chairman of the organization committee, with a membership of other leading members from relevant departments and institutions. Executive vice governor Li Yunfeng attended the meeting and delivered an important speech at the competition organization committee’s first meeting held by the Provincial Government on April 20, 2012. Today, the organization committee holds the first press conference to brief you on the situations of “Jiangsu Skill Championship Competition” and answer reporters’ questions. Others attending this conference also include Wang Liping, vice director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resource and Social Security, Hu Tongjun, deputy chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Labor Unions, Guo Liping, chief commissioner of Personnel Office of Jiangsu Provincial Organization Department, Xue Yingcheng, deputy chief commissioner of Publicity and Education Office of Jiangsu Provincial Publicity Department, Dai Minhui, chief commissioner of Social Security Office of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance, as well as other commissioners from relevant functional sectors of the government.

Xiao Xueliang: News Medias present here include Jiangsu-based State medias, Jiangsu provincial news organizations and major news branches in Nanjing. Now let’s invite Mr. Wang Liping to introduce some related information about the competition. Wang Liping is a member of the organization committee and vice director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resource and Social Security. Editor:乙姗姗