Jiangsu provincial power-supply system releases first CSR report
2012-04-28 16:17:00

The scene of press conference.

The Jiangsu Electric Power Company released the first practice report on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ten actions on fulfilling responsibilities for the people’s livelihood in the year 2012 of the Jiangsu provincial power-supply system at the news briefing of the Jiangsu provincial government held on April 25, 2012.

The CSR report reveals the actions and performance on carrying out responsibilities in the year 2011 of the Jiangsu Electric Power Company from such aspects as scientific development, safe power supply, serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, low carbon and environmental protection.

In the year 2011, the Jiangsu Electric Power Company invested 33 billion yuan in the construction of electric network; the company reduced the power-off time per household from 4.73 hours to 4.29 hours in urban areas and from 12.79 hours to 12.7 hours in rural areas; and the company accomplished 2,854 tasks in power supply guarantee which involved the efforts of a total of 14,714 persons/times. The company saved 1.43 million tons of standard coal and reduced the emission of 28.5 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide by carrying out generation rights trade; and saved 14 thousand tons of standard coal by reducing line loss.

The essentials of the social responsibility project entitled “Serve ‘Two Firsts’, Illuminate Beautiful Life”, which were released at the same time with the report, organize five responsibility projects and 83 service activities from 20 aspects including the overall situation of energy security.

In line with the objectives and tasks of the year 2012, the Jiangsu provincial power-supply department will serve ten “people-oriented dishes”, for example, to establish 50 professional maintenance teams, set up 300 more power bill payment service centers and serve indemnificatory housing with power supply; to construct 16 charging stations for electric automobiles; to build 100 “home-based aged-care service centers”, show 1,000 public welfare films for 200 villages and towns in northern Jiangsu Province and train 1,000 people with difficulties in finding jobs to help them obtain the social electrical engineeringcertificate.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:乙姗姗