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The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasizes that scientific and technological innovation is the strategic support in upgrading social productivity and overall national strength which should be given priority to in our national development plan.[Detail]
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Jiangsu provincial government held a press conference to introduce the tenth anniversary for the establishment of water-borne highway in Jiangsu on the morning of July 9.[Detail]
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The 1st planery of Jiangsu Preparatory Committee of the 28th National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest was held in the government of Jiangsu province on Apr 2.[Detail]
According to the news conference held by Jiangsu Provincial Government, the employment work for the college graduates of 2013 will be officially launched on Nov 20.[Detail]
The 3rd China (Taizhou) International Medicine Expo will be held in Taizhou, Jiangsu province from Dec 7 to 12, announced Jiangsu government at a press conference on the afternoon of Nov 5. [Detail]
The press conference for the first culture and art festival in Jiangsu province is held The First China Jiangsu Culture and Art Festival will be held from Sept 9 to Oct 10,bringing a grand cultural and artistic feast for the public During the festival,the organizer will put on 36 shows of excellent cultural works made in China and abroad,send artists to townships and villages to stage 13 performances,and facilitate around 1200 public cultural activities,especially those taking place on venues like citizens’squares themed at promoting the“Jiangsu culture”.[Detail]
Those who have three or more years of grass-root work experiences account for 57.8 percent and 53.5 percent of all officials in the new city-level and county-level governments respectively The new city-level governments and Party committees show the following features The officials age 48.2 on average,2.9 years younger than the last city-level governments The number of officials who have grass-root work experiences reaches 61,an increase of 13 points over the last governments. [Detail]
Jiangsu has just released the province's economic and social development in the first half of the year Jiangsu has realized its GDP at the value of 2538.28 billion yuan in the first half of the year,scoring a year-on-year growth of 9.9%,the reporters learned from the press conference held by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government on July 20 This number is higher by 2.1 points than the national figures. With the price factors excluded,the actual growth recorded 10.6%.The province's cash income per capital in rural areas is 7367 yuan. [Detail]
The 9th Chinese (Changzhou) International Animation Art Festival Week in 2012 jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government is scheduled to be held in Changzhou in east China's Jiangsu province from August 16 to 22.[Detail]
The 2011 Jiangsu Environmental Conditions Bulletin released by Jiangsu provincial government on June 4 shows the environment in the province is generally improving but some indicators are severe.[Detail]
The company reduced the power-off time per household from 4.73 hours to 4.29 hours in urban areas and from 12.79 hours to 12.7 hours in rural areas。 The company saved 1.43 million tons of standard coal and reduced the emission of 28.5 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide by carrying out generation rights trade。 And saved 14 thousand tons of standard coal by reducing line loss. Show 1000 public welfare films for 200 villages and towns in northern Jiangsu Province and train 1000 people with difficulties in finding jobs to help them obtain the social electrical engineeringcertificate. [Detail]
We can put it this way that advanced achievements of scientific research cannot turn into competitive products without the delicate operation of highly skilled workers. How to make the whole society care for professional education and value the cultivation of skilled personnel?How will the competition work on the public opinions A(Xue Yingcheng,deputy chief commissioner of Publicity and Education Office of Jiangsu Provincial Publicity Department):We cannot deny the fact that some people in the society do think that degrees are more important than skills. [Detail]
Kunshan will host a three-day import expo starting March 29 to 31 at the city’s Convention and Exhibition Center as it's prepared 21 of world’s Top 500 corporations as exhibitors, vice-governor of Jiangsu province Zhang Weiguo said at a press conference on March 26.[Detail]
On the morning of January 6, 2012, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee held a news conference and issued the Jiangsu Indicator System for Basic Modernization (hereafter referred to as the System). The System consists of 30 indicators in 4 categories, namely, economic development, people’s livelihoods, social development and ecological environment. Li Yunfeng, executive vice governor of Jiangsu and member of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, attended the conference and briefly introduced the basic information of the formulation of the indicator system.[Detail]