Press spokesperson system
2012-06-15 13:59:00

The press spokesperson system, originating from diplomatic affairs in early 1980’s, was set up formally by people's governments at all levels nationwide after the SARS outbreak in China in 2003.

In 2007, spokespersons of the Jiangsu Provincial Government, provincially-administered cities and provincial departments made their debut together, marking the launch of the press spokesperson system in Jiangsu.

In 2011, the spokesperson system was adopted by Jiangsu Provincial Committee of Communist Party of China (CPC) and 29 spokespersons for the provincial committee’s 14 departments and 13 city committees directly under it were made public.

Jiangsu has a team of several thousand spokespersons and holds 50 to 60 provincial-level press conferences every year. Editor:乙姗姗