Buddhist experts disapprove of China’s so-called 'Buddha youth'
2018-07-05 09:18:00

The 4th International Buddhist Conference kicked off on Tuesday on north China’s Mount Wutai, the most famous destination in the country for Buddhist pilgrims, and one of the five most sacred places in the world. More than a hundred experts and young scholars from around the world attended the event.

Kuan Guang introduces the Buddhist culture to a monk from Italy in a monastery on Mount Wutai. /CGTN Photo

Monk Kuan Guang has been quite busy helping to hold this conference. He joined the Buddhist order when he was a 17-year-old on Mount Wutai. Now he’s a research fellow at King’s College London and the deputy director of the Wutai International Institute of Buddhism and East Asian Cultures. He’s been devoted to the promotion of Buddhist cultural exchanges between China and Britain for over a decade.

Source: CGTN Editor: Hiram