Keeping traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy alive
2018-06-06 10:07:00

"My name is Xiang Desheng. I've been making Hui Ink for 38 years."

CGTN Photo

A local saying goes: "Atoning for your preexistence, your life in Huizhou is hard. Turning into a teenager, you're already like a discard." Generations of Huizhou people have been pursuing dreams away from their hometown at a very young age. The hero of this story, however, chose to stay home over just leaving as many others did. Resting on his laurels by no means, he inherited the Hui Ink making methods. For him, it is more meaningful than migrant working.

The town of Huizhou is painted with ink, illustrated by those Hui-style black and white horse-head walls. "A genuine Chinese ink wash painting is never done with any other colors, but only the natural shades of the ink," Xiang said. The simpler, the better.

Source: CGTN Editor: Hiram