New York judge suppresses evidence in charges against Chinese comedian Zhou Libo
2018-05-25 15:32:00

Comedian Zhou Libo speaks to reporters after a court session in Nassau County, the United States, May 24, 2018. A New York state judge on Thursday suppressed evidence in charges against Zhou Libo. (Xinhua/Qiu Junzhou)

A New York state judge Thursday suppressed evidence in charges against Chinese comedian Zhou Libo.

Howard Sturim, Acting Supreme Court Justice, announced the decision Thursday morning at the Nassau County Court, located about one hour's drive east of New York City.

"An empty holster observed in a car legally stopped without more is insufficient to establish probable cause justifying the search of the vehicle even where the People had information involving a vehicle matching the description of one used in an assault possibly involving a gun," Sturim said, citing a previous case, People Vs. Snyder.

"The defendant's motion to suppress is granted," he said.

The case is adjourned to June 4, the judge said.

"It's time for this case to get over, and we're hoping that it will be over on June 4th," said Zhou's attorney Stephen Scaring."But we are ready for trial, ready to proceed to trial, if that's what's going to happen, but we expect they're going to dismiss this case on that day."

"Again, Mr. Libo has maintained his innocence from the very beginning, and it's important at this time to get this case over with," he said.

Zhou, a former judge on "China's Got Talent," has pleaded not guilty to a five-count indictment. He is charged with illegal possession of a handgun, possession of a controlled substance identified as crystal methamphetamine and driving while using a cellphone

The comedian was arrested on Jan. 19, 2017 in the exclusive village of Lattingtown, east of New York City for his abnormal driving behavior. The police later found a black pistol holster, a pistol and a loaded magazine, and two transparent plastic bags containing drugs in his vehicle.

Zhou was arrested on the spot and was released on bail the next day.

Source: Xinhua Editor: Cassie