A Bite of Innovation: Thoughtful service booms sea cucumber business
2018-04-02 10:04:00

?What comes to your mind when you think about some of the healthiest ingredients? Sea cucumber would likely be on the list for Chinese people. Sea cucumber is a kind of echinoderm, and 21 out of 61 types of the world's edible sea cucumber can be found in China.

Demand is high in China for the creature as it's high in protein and various vitamins. But one of its unique challenges is if it's not processed in six hours after being captured, it will melt. Fisherman have to dry or salinize it in order to store it for processing.

CGTN Photo

Wang Xiaoqin, who owns nearly 400 stores in China, is the biggest single-product seller of sea cucumber in the country. Her success comes from her innovative marketing strategy.

Wang always put customer's experience first, regularly holding activities and inviting them to her store and factory.

Preparing sea cucumber is a lengthy and complicated process, which takes several days and plenty of steps.

Source: CGTN Editor: Hiram