NPC deputy calls for inclusion of AIDS treatment in medical insurance
2018-03-20 10:51:00

ring the ongoing Two Sessions in Beijing, National People’s Congress (NPC) deputy Dr. Cai Weiping has put forward proposals to the 13th NPC on building a “healthy China.”

Traveling all the way from southChina's Guangdong Province to Beijing, Dr. Cai has been working hard in a bid to safeguard people's health.

Cai Weiping works as director of the Infectious Disease Department at Guangzhou No. 8 People's Hospital. He is oneof China’s first group of doctors specializing in AIDS treatment. He's worked for the past two decades and has treated over 20,000 AIDS patients.


CGTN reporter interviewing Cai Weiping /CGTN Photo

Dr. Cai is calling for more efforts in AIDS prevention, as well as pushing for the inclusion of AIDS treatment in the nation’s medical insurance.

"I have put forth a suggestion of including AIDS treatment in medical insurance. The main reason is that China has offered free basic medicine for AIDS for decades," said Cai.

"Nowadays, the situation surrounding patients has changed and health insurance coverage has improved, so I proposed basic free treatment, medical insurance, and self-paid treatment. These three methods could be combined together, so that patients can be treated with more effective medicine at a lower cost," he added.

Source: CGTN Editor: Hiram