Doga is the latest fitness trend in London
2018-02-12 09:46:00

The Brits are anation of dog lovers soas they celebrate the Chinese New Year of The Dog, CGTN met up with London's first and only dog yoga instructor.

Never heard of doga?

Neither had I, but when I found out about London's newest fitness craze I knew I had to check it out – 2018 is, after all, the Year of the Dog.

So off I went to east London's Canvas Cafe where I found Mahny Djahanguiri rolling out her yoga mats. "Doga is not dog yoga," she tells me, laughing as she explains that of course dogs can't actually do yoga poses. Instead, she says her doga sessions are human yoga classes, where dogs are welcome.

As she prepares for her first class of the year she's a littleworried that the room is too small. She's expecting 14 people, and almost as many dogs, and it's going to be a squeeze. Holding her doga class in a cafe is not ideal, but she tells me most fitness studios are not dog friendly.

I soon find out why.

Source: CGTN Editor: Hiram