People help stranded humpback whale in E China's Jiangsu
2017-11-14 10:59:00

People help a humpback whale stranded at the beach in Qidong City, east China's Jiangsu Province, Nov. 13, 2017. The whale returned to the sea when the high tide came Monday afternoon. (Xinhua/Xu Congjun)

A humpback whale, stranded on the beach in Yuantuojiao village, Qidong city, East China's Jiangsu province, was successfully rescued on Monday.


Qidong fisherman Yang Fagen found the stranded whale at noon on Monday when harvesting sea products on a local beach. Yang immediately called the police since the black whale’s tail was moving, which proved that it was still alive.


At the scene, police found the whale had become stranded after the tide ebbed. They quickly contacted the local marine fishery department and continuously wetted the whale’s body with seawater before the arrival of professional rescuers.


As there were striking injuries on its body, the whale - 7.5-meters-long and estimated to weigh three tons - was possibly struck by shoals of fish before being stranded, experts said.


At 5 pm when the tide began to rise, rescuers used a motorboat to help the whale turn 180 degrees to a position with its nose facing the sea. The whale began to move independently when the rising seawater submerged its fins.


About half an hour later, it finally returned to the sea.

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Source: Xinhua/ Editor: Cassie