Chinese hip-hop singers make UK debut in Manchester
2017-11-13 10:03:00

As hip-hop catches on in China, three of its most hyped home-grown rap singers are making their UK debut in Manchester.

The biggest star is 24-year-old Tizzy T, who's dominated the Chinese hip-hop scene after his appearances on the online reality show "The Rap of China".

24-year-old Tizzy T performs on stage. /CGTN Photo

His freestyle has attracted hundreds of fans from Manchester, and many other cities like London and Liverpool.

"Many young men in their 20s would have the same feeling as me. It is a feeling of both love and hate for my girlfriend. Why do you break up with me when I'm so in love with you?" said Tizzy T. "So I will write it in my script –Don't worry, don’t worry, my girl, I don’t want to make up, Ijust want to say your boyfriend is so ugly. It doesn't matter. You are like a couple. Please introduce him to me because I thought you would. These are the lyrics in my song, which is very straightforward, verysimple."

Source: CGTN Editor: Hiram