Delegate Yang Xiaoling: I want kids with special needs to shine on stage
2017-10-25 10:21:00

There are over 85 million people with physical challenges in China, accounting for six percent of the total population. Yang Xiaoling is a delegate of the 19th CPC National Congress and she has committed 27 years of her life to special education.

Yang Xiaoling and her students. /CGTN Photo

She is a dance teacher and now deputy principal of the Wuhan No. 1 School for the Deaf in central China’s Hubei Province. Many students call her "mom".

"She teaches us to play the piano. She treats us with great food outside the school. And she teaches us to dance," said one student.

Every day, she spends at least three hours in the school's dance studio. Her dream is to see her students shine on stage, even if they can hardly hear or speak.

Source: CGTN Editor: Hiram