New species of blue mushroom found in SW China
2017-10-21 14:43:00

A new species of blue mushroom was recently discovered in Mengsong Township, Yunnan Province, in southwestern China, announced researchers from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

The genus, with its cap to stem all covered in blue color, was named “Entoloma mengsongense” after being spotted by a team of CAS scientists based at Kunming Institute of Botany. Their

findings have been published on the Turkish Journal of Botany Entoloma refers to a large family of terrestrial pink-gilled mushrooms comprised of about 1,000 species. They are often seen in habitats including rainforests, woodlands, grasslands, and arctic or alpine forests.

“The blue mushroom still belongs to Entoloma and maintains the typical characteristics like its family members do,” explained one of the researchers Xu Jianchu, “because it’s still got pink gills despite of its all-blue appearances.”

Source: CGTN Editor: Hiram