Former teacher builds 73 libraries in 3 years for left-behind children
2017-10-13 14:22:00

With the acceleration of China's urbanization process, huge waves of people are leaving rural areas for the city, creating a special group of people: the left-behind children.

Left-behind children refer to kids under the age of 16 whose parents work elsewhere, or are left with a single parent who don't have the ability to look after them. For various reasons, they either can't live a normal life with their parents or their parents can't bring them to the city where they work. These children are often left with their grandparents.


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According to statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, there were approximately nine million left-behind children in China in 2016. This is a huge group that urgently needs material help and psychological assistance from society.

In Longhui County, in central Hunan Province, 80 percent of the population has migrated elsewhere for work, leaving children and the elderly behind.

Source: CGTN Editor: Hiram