Saihanba National Forest Park inspires art exhibit
2017-10-12 10:21:00

Saihanba National Forest Park inspires art exhibit

A photo of Saihanba showcased at the exhibition, Oct 10, 2017. [Photo by Chen Jie/provided to]

An exhibition featuring paintings and photos of Saihanba National Forest Park is open at the hall of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles in Beijing till Oct 15.

Located in North China's Hebei province, bordering the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Sanhanba National Forest Park is the largest of its kind in China. Some 55 years ago, forestry workers started to work there to change what was a desert into a forest.

China's Artists Association and Photographers' Association organized more than 40 artists to stay there for a week.

The selected works created during their visit were shown in the exhibition.

Source: Author: 李虹睿 Editor: Amanda