A 'trash picking' career for Chinese law school graduate
2017-10-12 08:43:00

Wu Kaisi is a fresh graduate with a degree in law and a set of skills that made his friends and family certain a job with a hefty reward package was just around the corner. But the 22-year-old decided not to pursue a nine-to-five office job, opting for a more "outdoorsy" career which sees him shuttling between flea markets in south China looking for good bargains.

Wu is a "professional" collector of everything old, used and obsolete — and the young man could not be any happier.

His case highlights the sticky situation of many young Chinese caught between the wishes their parents have for them and their own dreams.


Wu and an old  accordion. /Photo via sohu.com

“Every single old item is exclusive, and its uniqueness is what truly fascinates me,” Wu said, displaying a sense of pride and excitement while talking about his collection.

Source: CGTN Editor: Hiram