A team, A village, A cultural relics museum
2017-07-16 01:14:00

Zhao Xianzhao is one of the owners of the cultural relics village in Youdun of Poyang County in Jiangxi province. Skilled at restoration and reconstruction of historical relics, Zhao, together with his brother-in-law, built up a special village displaying various kinds of cultural relics that were collected and repaired by them. Plenty of these relics were moved from other places. The minister residential palace, with a history over 300 years, is the iconic complex in the village. It took 13 trucks to move and 2 years and another year to continue the reconstruction work. Now they have a complete team in this business. The village is to open to public in the near future.

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Source: jschina.com.cn Author: Zhu Na Editor: Nicky