Carving on tiny bamboo parcels
2016-08-01 16:57:00

The 71-year-old Xu Bingfang is the inheritor of Liuqing bamboo carving craftsmanship in Changzhou of Jiangsu province. As the son of an bamboo carving artist, Xu started to learn this the skill in his childhood.

Xu's bamboo carving works have been being auctioned at Christie’s and Sotheby’s since 1992, and one of his works is now collected at the British Museum in London of the UK.

In 2009, he was rated as the national-level representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of liuqing bamboo carving. His two daughters, who have been engaging in the craftsmanship for nearly 30 years, were also classified as cultural successors of the craftsmanship at provincial and city levels respectively.

Liuqing bamboo carving belongs to the shallow relief, namely the carving work is done on the 0.1 mm thick surface of the bamboo. After careful selection and discard of different parts on the surface, artists are able to create different color shades as well as convex and concave effects through their carving.

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Source: Editor: Nicky