Life is unpredictable
2016-06-23 11:07:00

Shane and his wife Emma

My name is Shane. My Jiangsu story started in Ireland. I was working and during the evenings learning Mandarin at University College Dublin in 2010.

I had a Chinese friend in Ireland. When he and his wife returned to his hometown Suzhou in 2010, I told him that I would visit him in China.

The opportunity came in the summer of 2011 when I went to Suzhou and visited my friend and his family. It was a lovely city, rich in culture and tradition.

After going back to my old life in Ireland, I was determined to make a change in my life. I started looking for work in Jiangsu province and found a job at an English training school in Nanjing in 2012.

I remember my first working day when I met a teaching assistant called Emma. I took no notice of her on that first day and she did not like me. But, we had to work together because she was responsible for many of the students that I was teaching.

As time went by, we got to know each other, and our mutual dislike for each other turned into respect and friendship. We started dating in 2013, then got married. And now she is pregnant with my baby.

We are both very happy. I never thought this would happen to me. Life truly is unpredictable.

Source: Editor: Dylan