Traditional clay sculptures made in Xunxian County of Henan Province
2016-05-19 17:33:00


Craftswomen work on clay sculptures at a workshop in Yangqitun Village in Xunxian County, central China's Henan Province, May 18, 2016. Making clay sculptures, also known as Mud Cuckoos, is a tradition in Xunxian County, the ancient town that has been producing them since the late Sui Dynasty (581 A.D.-618 A.D.). Xunxian Mud Cuckoo has over 50 varieties of three major series. In 2006, it was listed as one of the first batch of China's national intangible heritages. Nowadays, the locals have turned the tradition into profits with more than a half of them making Mud Cuckoo for collectors nationwide. (Xinhua/Zhu Xiang)

Source: Editor: Rose