Elderly scavenger cleans up streets voluntarily
2015-10-19 15:01:00

Elderly scavenger cleans up streets voluntarily

(CNS/Sun Haosheng)

Recently, a video clip that lasts only a few seconds went viral on the Internet. In the video, an old man who has very long hair and wears tattered clothes, wipes a trash can again and again carefully.

The old man is often seen in the street near the Nujiang Yongqiang market in Shenyang, according to residents nearby. Every day, the elderly takes his own cloth to wipe the trash bins, bus stop boards and other public facilities along the street at fixed time.

The man said he was born in 1962, and is from Tieling, Liaoning province in northeastern China. When asked about his name, he refused to talk about more details. People have been trying to give the elderly help, but he refuses to accept money more than 20 yuan. He only takes some food and clothes from people.

Source: People's Daily Online Editor: Jennifer