Memorial Hall of Seven Battles Seven Victories in Middle Jiangsu
2011-12-19 17:12:00

Memorial Hall of Seven Battles Seven Victories in Middle Jiangsu situated in Haian County, Jiangsu Province, is the 100-red-tour-classic scenic spots, state educational and patriotic demonstration base as well as the “AAA” class tourism spot.

The memorial hall consists of the monument, displaying halls, the national defense park etc. the monument was designed by Professor Qi Kang of Southeast University, with unique conception, recurring the glorious victory in the Middle Jiangsu using the building art language. The body of the monument is a bronze-colored and granite-built “Bayonet ”, 27 meters high and hailed as the largest bayonet in the world. The monument foundation is constructed of sand, geometric pits, lawn, retaining wall of engraved rocks, toasting cup, flight of steps and book-like monument wall, containing a profound message and rich connotation.

In the displaying hall, lots of exhibits are on show, including historical photos in large number and hundreds of historical objects and relics, data, and the calligraphic and painting works by the central leaders from different locations of the nation in number of more than 500 pieces.

In the National Defense Park, their on show are the military weapons used by our army in different times including cannons, tankers, missiles etc., which is a good location for national defense education and revolutionary-traditional education. Editor:乙姗姗

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