Longevity Park
2011-12-19 17:06:00


The Eastern Longevity Park is situated in the nationwide well-known homeland of longevity — west suburb of Rucheng City covering an area of 1000 mu. The park is near the village called Hezhuang, since there is a bay named Hezi Bay, thus the name comes from.  

The people in Hezhuang are beneficial from the longevity, because they always not only have seasonable weather for crop raising and bumper harvest, but also are physically healthy and living a good life.

The people in the village are normally of longevity, 80 years old persons are everywhere, and 90 is not rarely seen, and 100 years old persons are here and there. In the park, grass and trees are luxuriantly green, containing culture of longevity. Here you may like to reveal the secret of the longevity.


The main spots of the Eastern Longevity Park include: A hundred Longevities in Happiness, Corridor of Historical Longevity Celebrities, Eastern Longevity Bronze Statue and Longevity Amorous Corridor. 

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:乙姗姗