Disco on the Sea is an entertainment item in the mud flat of East Yellow Sea of Rudong,and the key tourist spot developed in Jiangsu province. The“Disco on the Sea”is a traditional method of the fishermen to trample the clams on the mudflat. To do this,the fishermen shall divaricate their feet and shake the waists and move step by step. When the mud is loose by the trampling,the clams may come up from the surface of the mud,and the clams can be picked up easily. The trampling requires two feet to alternate and the body and shake,just like the“disco”。 [Detail]
Now the Shui Hui Park is one of the key historical and cultural relics under the state protection, consisting of Shui Hui Park, Shui Ming Building Group, Gu Dan Park, Yi Yuan Park, Rugao Longevity Museum of China, Ling Wei Taoist Temple.[Detail]
Memorial Hall of Seven Battles Seven Victories in Middle Jiangsu situated in Haian County, Jiangsu Province, is the 100-red-tour-classic scenic spots, state educational and patriotic demonstration base as well as the “AAA” class tourism spot.[Detail]
Hills are important for use by the city. In the construction layout of Nantong,the Zhiyun Tower is in line with the Bell Tower in the city center on the axis line. Yu Qiuyu said in his book“The Agonized Journey of Culture”:“I went t Wolf Hill,because I sought after its name. The Changjiang River winds up its way to here to have just a little more distance before entering the sea. Wolf hill is a book,which can be read by eyes or by the hearts. To read Wolf Hill may understand the history and know the inside story and connotative meaning. [Detail]
The Eastern Longevity Park is situated in the nationwide well-known homeland of longevity—west suburb of Rucheng City covering an area of 1000 mu. The park is near the village called Hezhuang,since there is a bay named Hezi Bay,thus the name comes from 。 The people in the village are normally of longevity,80 years old persons are everywhere,and 90 is not rarely seen,and 100 years old persons are here and there. The main spots of the Eastern Longevity Park include:A hundred Longevities in Happiness,Corridor of Historical Longevity Celebrities,Eastern Longevity Bronze Statue and Longevity Amorous Corridor. [Detail]
There is Jade Lotus Pool in the west and the Free Life Pond in the east,which forms the terrain of“Water around the Temple”.The water around the buildings like a structure consisting of water ring enclosing the pavilion ring,and the pavilion ring around the palace,which is really rare in temple building in the Chinese Han nationality’s residence areas 。 1 Buddha figure in modern China”.The temple is also respected as the“Best Statue of Buddha”since its art of sculpture is very astonishingly perfect the same as the building art. [Detail]
Inner and Outer Moat Scenic Belt is in the ancient city of Rugao,as the State Class AAA Tourist Scenic Spot. The list of the spots are:relics of the Pheasant Shooting Pavilion of the Spring and Autumn Period left over a few thousand year ago,and the high bridge Yingchun with wonderful legend from Ming Dynasty。 Dinghui Temple of Sui Dynasty of a thousand years old,a treasure place of Song Dynasty’s Jixianli,a birth place of famous persons。 [Detail]
The narrowest of the river is only 10 meters just as a ribbon,the entire river is zigzag and tortuous like an upside down bottle gourd encircling the old city center to form a structure of“Water hugging the city and city along water to shape a combined integral”.The style is very unique as an emerald necklace on the River City Neck. The breeze blows and the willow leaves joggle on the quite water under the moonlight against the reflected pavilions in the water,and the historical humanity and the natural scenery are interwoven. [Detail]