China Abacuses Museum
2011-12-19 17:11:00

China Abacuses Museum locates on the charming north bank of Hao River, covering 30 mu and is deemed as the largest special museum of abacuses. The museum contains more than 10,000 pieces of cultural objects and historical data. 
The museum consists of the abacus history hall, fine exhibits hall and rosewood abacuses hall. The abacus history hall unfolds the long history and deep deposit before the visitors by the fine exhibits and primitive simplicity. In the fine exhibit hall, the abacuses of different size, shape and material are on show, the profound and extensive knowledge and rich cultural atmosphere make visitor feel the glorious course and deep inside story of abacuses. In the rosewood abacuses hall, the uniquely shaped and structured abacuses and giant abacuses attract the visitors to mark the characteristics of abacus manufacture and arts, which makes visitors better aware of Chinese traditional culture in brightness and magnificence.

The museum proper area is composed of main buildings, of novelty and well arranged, and is a human cultural scenic spot combined with abacuses culture and Haohe amorous feelings. You may stroll on the riverbank footpath, and appreciate the charming landscape around the Haohe River. You also may have a rest along the Moon Reflection Pond with inverted image of the moon in water and enjoy the leisure happiness by fishing after the rain. You may sit for a while in the “Heart-Happy Pavilion, having a cup of tea to look into the true meaning of the life.
I History Briefing Hall——description on five phases of the budding, taking shape, developing, maturation and popularization to demonstrate the Chinese abacuses’ development. The visitors can learn the long course and deep deposit of the Chinese abacuses when touching these changes and phases.

II Selected Dissertation Hall
1、Commercial intercourse and benefiting zone: To display the abacuses’ role in boosting the economic development and promoting the social progress.
2、Overseas influence zone: recurring the propagation of Chinese abacus in the world and the influence on the world’s culture. 
3、Carrying on and ahead into the future zone: to demonstrate that the Party and the state leaders attach the importance to the abacus causes and the foundation of Chinese Abacus Association promotes the flourishing development of the abacus cause.
4、The abacus torch passing on to the next generation zone: Historical review and prospect on Chinese abacus education.

 III Outdoor scenic spots
(1)Willow island — willow leaves and branches are shaking in the breeze, you may feel the most proximate to the nature while walking along the river.
(2)Ecological green belt—luxuriantly green, grass and flowers are of sweet smell, birds are homesick toward the trees, grass and flowers
(3)Long corridor with pavilion—long corridor under the breeze looking at the pavilions fondly while water pats the rocks affectionately
(4)Moon Reflection Pond----- Inverted image of soft clouds hugging the moon in the pond water in a gentle manner at the quiet night. Editor:乙姗姗

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