Nantong Plate Whistle Kite is the most representative among the South Kite products,originating from North Song Dynasty and is now listed as state intangible cultural heritage. When flying in the sky,the wind blows the whistle and the whistle intonates with the wind,that’s why the kite is called as“Symphony in the air”. [Detail]
Yudong Town is an old town with a history of more than 1,300 years in Jiangsu, as well as the only town with surrounding moat preserved in Nantong.[Detail]
China Abacuses Museum locates on the charming north bank of Hao River, covering 30 mu and is deemed as the largest special museum of abacuses. The museum contains more than 10,000 pieces of cultural objects and historical data.[Detail]
The sun’s presents, and the Changjiang River’s preference fostered the picturesque Nantong, where river and sea have unceasing affection to give clear seasons and rich products, including:[Detail]
“Whistle is heard in the night sky, the music is freely flying with the wind, Dimly we are enjoying, but the wind blows the other tone”. Nantong Plate whistle Kite is the only one reserved with the charm of Tang and Song Dynasties.[Detail]
The farm resort is constructed with buildings of different style and ecological scenic spots of natural-human harmonization forming multi layers and view-angle of graceful landscape consisting of green hills surrounded by the white cloud in the distance and clear water flowing around the farm huts in the vicinity. The total planned area is more than 3000 mu,now the developed area covers 870 mu,which is composed of creational resort,modern agricultural technology park,on-water amusement zone and forestry park. The catering is based on the fresh water food,venison food and farm food。 [Detail]
Nantong Museum was founded in 1905 by the famous industrialist,educator and social activist Mr. This museum is a first public museum in China and 20 years older than the Palace Museum. The birth of Nantong Museum unveiled the overture of the Chinese museum development and opened up the direction of the development of the Chinese museum. As a museum,it has a unique taste and style:the museum and the park were combined to show the unusual charm. Nantong Museum is now one of the key cultural relics under state protection,the national Class One museum,and the state 4 A tourist scenic spot. [Detail]
PLANS to build a museum devoted to contraceptives in a base where teenagers receive military training has created controversy among the public 。 The proposed museum would tell the story of contraception in China through the ages and detail the achievements of birth control in Rudong County,government officials told the newspaper 。 Tao told the newspaper that officials came up with the idea of setting up a contraceptives museum during conversations after work 。 Some birth control officials believed the museum may help residents learn more about birth control. [Detail]
Nantong is an ancient city with over 1000 years of history. In Tang Dynasty(around AD 700),the city was named as“Jinghai”。 “to the northeast of Tong Zhou,it is connected to foreign countries close to Liao Sea。 In 1912,the original administrative division based on“Zhou”was abandoned,and the city was renamed then into Nantong county and a county-level government was established. On February 2 nd 1949,the city was liberated and the city of Nantong was first established. After multiple times of administrative division changes,the existing Nantong governs under itself two counties,four cities and three districts。 [Detail]