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2011-12-19 17:20:00

White coated Baby Croaker

Baby Croaker is of pisces family and Sciaenidae with black gill, Baby Croaker, Collichthys lucida, they look like the little yellow croaker, but smaller in physique, as long as about 10 cm. This baby croaker is a common small edible fish with gold color and the head is as big as about 1/3 of the body. The fish oviposition is about in plum rainy season, and of small body, thus the name of the fish. The baby croaker is most productive in East Sea and Yellow Sea and its tender meat is always deemed as the most favorite seafood for local Nantong people.

Nutrition and health care

Baby Croaker contains water of 84.9 grams per 100 grams, fat 7.4 grams, calcium 21 mg, phosphate 335 mg, iron 2 mg in the edible part. In addition, it is rich in protein and vitamin. The Chinese medicine believes that the Baby Croaker nourishes and replenishes essence and tonifies stomach and benefiting energy.

Cooking application

Baby Croaker is eatable with fresh meat or dried meat to be pickled. The famous Nantong dish “White coated baby croaker”selects fresh slices of baby croaker to be pickled for a while before coated with egg wash and then fried in half-hot oil. Bamboo shoots, mushroom and ham pieces are added with chicken soup before ready to serve. The meat is very white and of best taste. The Nantong common dish “Radish strip stewed with baby croaker” is the soup prepared by nutritious baby croaker and radish strip, which is rich in nutrition and it nourishes and helps digest and resolves stagnation. This food is suitable to cure body weakness, cachexia, weak limbs, inappetence, indigestion and malnutrition. Editor:乙姗姗

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