Braised Langshan Chicken
2011-12-19 17:18:00

Langshan Chicken is one of the 8 standard chickens of the world, it used be called Chahe Great Chicken, Matang Black Chicken. This checken was discovered by an English sailor in Nantong. After he brought the chicken to England, the chicken was then named Langshan Chicken. Black feathers of the Langshan Chicken are of majority but colorful.

The chicken is high and has long leg. Its skin is thin and meat is fine, and tastes very delicious. This chicken is of dual-purpose breed. After Langshan Chicken was transported to abroad, it was then distributed in different countries and was listed in the world illustration collection of distinctive paltry.

Langshan Chicken is of thin skin and tender meat type. The variable ways of cooking the chicken. Braised Langshan Chicken or stewed Langsha Chicken. The soup and meat are both delicious with delicacy and fragrance. The record of Langshan Chicken is collected in “China Famous Menu” and “China Cooking Dictionary”. Editor:乙姗姗

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