Sauteed crab in hot spicy sauce
2011-12-19 17:17:00

Portunid, formal name of Scylla serrata, commonly referred to as “Blue swimming crab”, “sea crab” etc. Its body is shuttle-shaped, the head and chest armor have three tuberculiform, thus the name of “portunus trituberculatus miers”; the claws of the crab are long and sharp, and the fourth pair of the claws is ambulatory legs and they are flat, suitable for swimming. The male crab’ navel are pointed and very smooth, and the shell surface is cyanic; the female crab’s navel is arc-like with villous and the shell surface is brownish or speckled. The portunid meat is white and tender of high nutritional value and economic value. Feng Daben of Nantong in Qing Dynasty said in his “Fish Gulf Greenish Willows”: “Intended to Liaotan for Crab Cuisine, the best taste is portunid”

Portunid is always staying in under the sand at the seabed, distributed in the Yellow Sea of our country, the most productive area is Bohai Gulf with the highest output between the spring and the summer. Namely between April and July. The coast area of Fujian is also the most productive area between March and November.



  Sauteed crab in hot spicy sauce  

  Ginger & onion baked sea crab   

  Cinerins Sea Crab.

  Menu case

  Ginger & onion baked sea crab

  Cooking method:Baking

  Taste type: Salty and delicious

  Material: Fresh spotted crab 600g, Ginger30g, Green Onion 20g, Garlic5g, cooking wine10g, salt4g, monosodium glutamate 3g, pepper powder0.5g, oyster oil 5g, Second soup60g, Sugar3g, Dry starch powder20g, Wet starch powder15g, Salad oil750g(consumption of about 40g)。

  Features: Thickened with starchy sauce to white,bright and tender, good to salty and delicious taste, strong ginger and onion flavor. Editor:乙姗姗