Portunid, formal name of Scylla serrata, commonly referred to as “Blue swimming crab”, “sea crab” etc. Its body is shuttle-shaped, the head and chest armor have three tuberculiform, thus the name of “portunus trituberculatus miers”; the claws of the crab are long and sharp, and the fourth pair of the claws is ambulatory legs and they are flat, suitable for swimming. The male crab’ navel are pointed and very smooth, and the shell surface is cyanic; the female crab’s navel is arc-like with villous and the shell surface is brownish or speckled. The portunid meat is white and tender of high nutritional value and economic value. [Detail]
This food is suitable to cure body weakness, cachexia, weak limbs, inappetence, indigestion and malnutrition.White coated Baby Croaker(Collection of Nantong Famous Dishes)[Detail]
Clam, also called Ruditapes philippinarum, or Che Ao as the local people called. It is of mollusca and bivalvia, Eulamellidranchia. Veneridae, and meretrix. This clam is triangle shaped but rounded on the ventral lateral. The shell is hard and thick with the two pieces of shells in equal size. [Detail]
Sewed dry solen: “Stewed Solen” is the indispensable local dish for the banquet in Rudong, Nantong. “No dinner can be said as a banquet without solen” has been a folk custom in Rudong. A unique craft in preparing“Stewed solen”is used, which looks like milky with mellow taste and smoothness in solen meat.It is also elastic and both the solen and the soup taste pleasant in aftertaste.[Detail]
For the Dragon Boat Festival in Nantong, besides the rice dumpling, sweet fermented-rice, roast garlic etc. some others are served for the lunch. On the dining table in Nantong, one may see a indiscriminate dish called “He Cai”(homophonic to He-congratulation).[Detail]