Nanjing cloudy-patterned brocade can track back 900 years ago and is considered one of the three best heritage treasures of Nanjing. This brocade was made for use in imperial palaces during ancient Chinese dynastic periods. [Detail]
The area around Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is the birthplace of Yuhua Tea. [Detail]
The Creative Artworks Market was held at Laomendong Historic Block, Nanjing, Mar. 6.[Detail]
2015 'AMNUA' Design Week kicked off on Sept. 25. Mr. Insect, Zhu Yingchun's solo exhibition was held at No.4 Exhibition Hall.[Detail]
2015 'AMNUA' Design Week kicked off on Sept. 25. Six design exhibitions were held at Nanjing University of the Arts between Sept. 25 and Oct. 25.[Detail]
The Bureau of Cultural Relics of Nanjing, capital of east China’s Jiangsu province, held a press conference and made public 219 sets of newly-ranked precious cultural relics on February 22, 2012.[Detail]
2012 is the Year of the Dragon. Xue Guang, a researcher in Nanjing municipal place names, stated on Monday that, after investigation, the entire city of Nanjing has roughly 320 places with the Chinese character for “Dragon” in their names.[Detail]
Architecture is solidified music,silent epic. The achievements of Nanjing Republican architecture received great benefit from a group of young architects returned from overseas,they broke the design monopoly of foreign architect. Modern architecture with traditional Chinese palatial style。 New national style。 Western modern style. [Detail]
It is listed in the World Heritage and is an outcome of the summit of the development of Chinese feudal age. It inherited the imperial tomb system of the past while initiated its own style. There are tombs of the heroes of Ming Dynasty distributed as an arch to escort the Emperor. It is located on Meihua Hill(Plum-Blossom Hill),south of the Xiaoling Tomb. 21 of 33 stone carvings of sacred way are in Nanjing,and most are at Qixia District. The stone Bixie were introduced in“the Symbol of the City”.The strongest Bixie is in Yaohua Town,Zhangku Village,Qixia District. [Detail]
Lay Buddhist Yang Renju established Jinling Buddhist Sutras Engraving Studio,circulated more than millions of classical scriptures. Today,Nanjing became the base of undertaking the construction of large Buddha statues(copper-technique). The Islamism was spreaded into Nanjing before Ming Dynasty,the earliest Fengfu Road Mosque was established in Song Dynasty. The existing oldest Jingjue Mosque was bestowed by the Ming Emperor under the petition of Zheng He when he returned from his sixth voyage. The Western Church was Spreaded in late 15th century. [Detail]
Yuhuashi Pebble,Rain Flower Pebble in English translation,is originally found in the area of Yuhua Terrace and is a popular traveling gift from Nanjing. Many of those pebbles carry a legend or a fantastic story. [Detail]