The name of this dish may sound odd to foreigners who might wonder how the blood and soup is combined. It has fine shreds and a tender taste. Autumn in Nanjing is a season of scented osmanthus blossom and the best time to make the delicious Salted Soup Duck because ducks at this time are fat. The chef chooses well-bred ducks and smears salt and spice on them to add flavors. Women made salted ducks and wrapped them with leaves to preserve the flavor. The duck meat of the first style tastes fresh and tender while the latter tastes tight and pliable. [Detail]
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Famous Nanjing food -- salted duck, Qinghuai snacks and duck blood soup.[Detail]
Just like China's capital Beijing,the former capital Nanjing's cuisine is famous for one particular feathered friend. Ingredient makes the dish 。 Jiangsu cuisine and the Huáiyáng style are generally not that spicy,and the main point is carefully selected ingredients,often according to the seasons. Huáiyáng style also bases each dish on its main ingredient,and the way that ingredient is cut is pivotal to its cooking and final taste. Snacks make the meal 。 A true Nanjing experience is to sample the local small dishes called jinling snacks. [Detail]
There are two other food streets in Nanjing-Shiziqiao Food Street in Hunan Lu and Hanfu Food Square near the president hall. It provides the'Eight Excellence'snacks and smiling waitresses will come to introduce both the delicious delicacies and interesting stories and legends behind the food. The only vegetarian restaurant in Nanjing provides Muslim food. Simply from its name you can guess it is a restaurant providing Sichuan-style dishes and food. Real western style food can be found only in hotels. Localized western food can be found in the western food area in Hunan Lu food street. [Detail]
Shiziqiao Food Street(or Lion Bridge)is located in Hunan Road of Gulou District(Drum Tower District)in the northwestern part of Nanjing,including several streets with roughly a kilometer long in total. The Hunan Road nearby is one of the well-known shopping and dining streets in Nanjing. The street can be divided into three sections and each section sells different foods□□local foods,other Chinese traditional including Sichuan cuisine,and international cuisines from Italian pizza to French□□la carte,or Japanese Sushi to Korean grill. [Detail]
It has a long history of over 1000 years. The cooking method of the duck was invented 600 years ago. The salted duck is slathered with roasted salt,steeped in clear brine,baked dry and then kept under cover for some time。 The finished product should have a creamy-colored skin and red,tender flesh. It was the tribute to the royal palace during the Qing Dynasty. [Detail]