The tourist attraction comprises more than a hundred individual scenic sites and most of them became famous as a result of the legendary novel depicting a fictional adventure story. With the rich history and beautiful scenery,Huaguoshan Mountain has been selected as one of 50 top Chinese tourist attractions for foreign tourists from 171 best tourist sites nominated from 31 provinces,based on more than 2 million online responses and 0.24 million votes in a nationwide survey. It has also awarded with the high score of 4-AAAA in the national tourist attraction category since 2002. [Detail]
The hot springs in Donghai have a very long history. They were once described by scholars as having "perennial hot water" during the Ming Dynasty, and they were praised as "district wonders" during the Qing Dynasty. To make better use of the hot spring resources, the Hot Spring Town was established under the guidance of the Jiangsu provincial government in 1984.[Detail]
Located in the transition area between the warm temperate zone and the subtropical zone by the sea,Lianyungang has a warm humid climate with an annual mean temperature of 14℃(57.2℉).January is the coldest month with an average temperature of-0.2℃(31.64℉).The maximum monthly temperature of 26.8℃(80.24℉)is in July. Area:7444 square kilometers(2874 square miles 。 Address:No. Address:Linhai Road,Lianyun District,Lianyungang City 。 Jiefang Road Branch 。 Address:Jiefang Road(Middle),Xinpu District,Lianyungang City 。 Address:Renmin Road(East),Xinpu District,Lianyungang City 。 Address:No. Address:Tongguan Road(South),Lianyungang City。 [Detail]
Haizhou Bay resort(Sea Head Bay Resort)includes the largest beach in Lianyungang,along the east coast of Jiangsu,and the resort attracts thousands of travelers each year during the summer. The resort was listed as one of the summer resorts recommended by the provincial government. [Detail]
The Yuwan Natural Scenic Region(Fish Bay Natural Scenic Region)lies at the southern foot of the Yuntai Mountain and is part of the most famous Huagoushan Mountain Scenic Zone. The region,together with other tourist attractions,including the Dongle Stone Sea Scenic Region and the Landau Beach,which neighbors Lianyungang Seaport and Lianyungang Economic Development Zone,is an excellent tourist attraction. During the Qing Dynasty,the bay area was simply a harbor for fishermen to anchor their boats and to shelter them from winds and waves. The site has been listed as one of the best tourist attractions in the province. [Detail]
Lianyungang is China's excellent tourist city,one of Jiangsu's top three tourism resources-rich regions,one of China's Top 10 Fascinating Tourist Cities,one of the Top 10 summer cities. Lianyungang is close to sea and mountain. It is one of China’s 49 key tourist cities and one of the three major tourist areas of Jiangsu Province. Lianyungang is China’s Excellent Tourist City and Garden City of Jiangsu. All those have contributed to a unique tourism garden city view featuring mountain,sea,island and port. Sea bath is the largest of Jiangsu and one of China’s 15 healthy sea bathes. 1 Hot Spring of East China”. [Detail]
Here you can cruise on the vast sea by high-speed launch,enjoy sunbathing on the sandy beach or have a barbecue with friends whilst enjoying a view of the seaside 。 New Scarlet Music Bar 。 Average cost per person:CNY 60~100 。 Opening hours:20:00~02:00 the next day 。 Opening hours:19:30~02:00 the next day 。 SOS Storm Bar 。 One of the most famous chain bars in China. Opening hours:20:00~01:30 the next day 。 Address:Shihua Road,Lianyungang City 。 Address:No. [Detail]
The first civil airline was opened in 1985.The airport is not a large one with an area of 5 square kilometers(1235.5 acres),having a 2500 meters(1.6 miles)long and 50 meters(54.7 yards)wide runway as well as a 20400 square meters(5 acres)apron. The Terminal Building covers an area of 3500 square meters(0.9 acres)and can handle a throughout of 300 persons per hour. There are two main railway stations in Lianyungang City for passenger transportation 。 The trip from Lianyungang East Railway Station to Shanghai usually takes 11-12 hours as does the trip to Nanjing 。 [Detail]
The path was witnessed in history books and has remained the same shape for the past thousand years. The path is submerged in water when tide rises but reappears when tide lowers. It looks mysterious that the bigger white pebbles in the middle of the path are naturally segregated from the smaller dark pebbles curbing its sides. The path was probably formed naturally by tides and waves a thousand years ago. [Detail]