respectively. It was listed in the third batch of Chinese traditional villages in 2014 and is the only one in Hongze-Lake district of Huai’an city. [Detail]
A large amusement park project in Huai’an, of Jiangsu province, has officially been approved. [Detail]
A meeting to introduce a recreational park named “Huai’an Longgong Beluga-Whale Water World” was held in Huai’an on May 10. The park will be China’s first fifth-generation indoor water paradise. The park consists of two sections with a land area of 4.73 hectares and a construction area of 41,500 square meters. This includes a polar aquarium and a water paradise, making it China’s first water park with both water amusement and polar environment, and also the first water paradise featuring interactive marine technology. [Detail]
A drone captures an aerial view of the Inner Canal at Qingjiangpu Scenic Spot in Huai’an, Jiangsu province on Apr. 23.[Detail]
The launching ceremony for the 10,000-people sightseeing tour to Jiangba, Huai’an city in east China’s Jiangsu province was held at the Swan Bay in Jiangba town on April 18. [Detail]
A drone captures an aerial view of the Ancient Huaihe River Ecological and Cultural Scenic Spot in Huai’an, Jiangsu province on Apr. 16.[Detail]
Aerial photo taken on Apr. 13 shows wheat and rape flowers making for vibrant scenery in the countryside of Huaiyin district, Huan’an city.[Detail]
Photo taken on April 11, 2016 shows peonies entering flourishing term at the Penoy Garden in Xuyi county, Huai'an. [Detail]
Photo taken on Apr. 9 shows tourists enjoying scenery in the Liushuwan Park in Huan’an, Jiangsu province.[Detail]
A micro-landscape exhibition garden from Huai’an of Jiangsu province won the gold prize at the 14th China Rhododendron Flower Show held in Xiangtan of Hunan province on April 1.[Detail]
Baima Lake Forest Park in Huai'an city will open to the public on April 2.[Detail]
Photo taken on Mar. 29 shows Hongze Lake in Huai’an, Jiangu province taking on a bright and colorful new look as the peach and rape flowers bloom. [Detail]
The 12th Huai’an Peach and Pear Blossom Festival kicked off at Ancient Yellow River Ecological & Folk Custom Park in Huai’an, Jiangsu province, on the morning of March 25. [Detail]
A statue of the World Heritage logo has been installed at Zhongzhou Island Park in Huai’an. [Detail]
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Two rare boats with five sails were spotted at Hongze Lake in Huai'an, Feb 27, attracting many visitors. [Detail]