15 Dutch teenagers went to Kaiming Middle School in Huai’an of Jiangsu province on Nov. 6 to experience the marvelous Chinese tie-dye craftsmanship. [Detail]
The Qingjiangpu District Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association in Huai’an, Jiangsu province, was recently set up. [Detail]
A number of inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, including Pulou Vinegar and Sauce, Ji Yunhua Ceramic Carving and Wu Xiaoqi Egg-Shell Carving in Qingjiangpu district of Huai’an city in East China’s Jiangsu province, gathered on the afternoon of Oct 18. [Detail]
The final of 2017 National Guandan Competition was held in Hongze District of Huai ’ an , Jiangsu province , on Oct 6.[Detail]
The third Huai'an Zhou Xinfang Opera Festival opened in the Jiangsu Huai'an Grand Theater on September 28, 2017. [Detail]
Beautiful melodies of Jinhua Yangko Dance are flowing from the central elementary school of Hengqiao village in Minqiao town, Jinhu county. It's reported that Mrs Zhang Yuzhen, a provincial-level inheritor of Jinhu Yangko, is teaching this local dance to the children. [Detail]
Dressed in special costumes made with lotus leaves , a group of adorable children gave a unique fashion show at a giant lotus pond in Laozishan town , Huai ’ an of Jiangsu province , Sept 15.[Detail]
The Hongze Maritime Safety Administration started the plan to stay alert to changing water conditions , and in response have strengthened the cruise management to ensure the safety of Hongze Lake ship navigation .[Detail]
Diao Linyu and Zhu Chen, two athletes from Huai’an, won medals for East China's Jiangsu sports delegation on the first two days of the 13th National Games of China, which began in Tianjin on Aug 27. [Detail]
More than 100 Jianqiu kicking enthusiasts have taken part in the sport’s first competition in Huai’an, which kicked off for two days from August 5. The sport, much like badminton shuttlecock, attracted 24 teams from across Huai’an to participate in the event.[Detail]
Yue’s Chasan, a traditional deep-fried dough twist, is well known in Huai’an. The snack has been made by 19 generations of the Yue family and won a bronze medal at the Nanyang Industrial Exposition and a gold medal at Expocomer. In 2014, Yue Yunfei, as inheritor of making Yue’s Chasan, was named Excellent Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor in Huai’an [Detail]
More than 300 book lovers from all walks of life in Huai'an attend the "Huai Sounds - the Fourth Huai’an Reading Event of Good Articles", April 22, 2017. They listened to each other and read articles together, ahead of the upcoming World Reading Day. [Detail]
The Memorial Hall of Iris Chang , the author of The Rape of Nanking , opened to the public on April 7 in Huai ' an , Jiangsu province .[Detail]
A series of activities have been held recently in Huai’an to advocate honest family traditions by learning the family traditions of Zhou Enlai (1898-1976), according to Jiangsu media. [Detail]
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A special wedding was held in Yuxi county of Huai'an on Feb. 25. The new couple as well as the working staff were dressed in ancient costumes, and the wedding went through all the rituals of a traditional wedding ceremony. [Detail]