More than 300 book lovers from all walks of life in Huai'an attend the "Huai Sounds - the Fourth Huai’an Reading Event of Good Articles", April 22, 2017. They listened to each other and read articles together, ahead of the upcoming World Reading Day. [Detail]
The Memorial Hall of Iris Chang , the author of The Rape of Nanking , opened to the public on April 7 in Huai ' an , Jiangsu province .[Detail]
A series of activities have been held recently in Huai’an to advocate honest family traditions by learning the family traditions of Zhou Enlai (1898-1976), according to Jiangsu media. [Detail]
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A special wedding was held in Yuxi county of Huai'an on Feb. 25. The new couple as well as the working staff were dressed in ancient costumes, and the wedding went through all the rituals of a traditional wedding ceremony. [Detail]
International students of Huai’an-based Huaiyin Institute of Technology gathered together with staff and some local students, and celebrated their first Spring Festival in China. [Detail]
The kids of the art ensemble from No . 1 Primary School attached to Huaiyin Normal University performed a dance , showing the glamour of Huai ' an on the stage of Peking University Hall .[Detail]
Photo taken on Jan. 19, 2017 shows calligraphers creating Spring Festival couplets as gifts to the local residents in Huaian, Jiangsu province. [Detail]
China ' s first blood donation hut in the theme of Journey to the West was unveiled at the Huaihai Square in Huai ' an on January 14.[Detail]
Folk artists were busy making fabric roosters in Huai ' an on Dec 31, 2016.[Detail]
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Photo taken on Dec. 18 shows traditional Chinese festival decorations attracting many citizens at a market in Huai'an of Jiangsu province. Red lanterns, couplets, Chinese knots and paper-cutting artworks are ready for the upcoming New Year.[Detail]
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Tang Jingxiang and his wife from European Town neighborhood in Qingjiangpu district , Huai ' an constructed a 50 - square-meter greenbelt in front of their house .[Detail]
More than one hundred students attended a cat's cradle competition at Hongzehu Primary School in Huai'an on Dec. 2. Cat's cradle, a string game, has become one of the popular after-school games for students in Huai'an area.[Detail]
A seminar on the development of Huai ' an whipped egg ( a poker game ) project was held in Huai ' an on the afternoon of Dec 1.[Detail]
Themed with “International Views, New Horizons –International Friends’ View of Jiangsu”, a photography competition gathered about 20 foreign participants who currently live in Jiangsu to the downtown of Huai’an from Nov. 19 to 20, 2016.[Detail]
The China-Huaiyin Guinness-Records Chinese Cheongsam Show was held at the square of Sydney Opera House on Nov 12, local time.[Detail]