Huai’an people like to eat noodles. There are noodle restaurants on almost every street in the city, with business hours ranging from 6 or 7 in the morning to late at night every day.[Detail]
Cayenne pepper became the only geographical indication brand of Huai’an at the eighth Worldwide Symposium on Geographical Indications.[Detail]
Du is a pastry chef at Shengli Restaurant. [Detail]
The first batch of containers loaded with crayfish produced in Xuyi of Huan’an city, Jiangsu province, arrived at Penang Port in Malaysia on the morning of March 23. [Detail]
Local residents in Huai’an, Jiangsu province are busy making sausages during Minor Cold, the 23rd solar term which begins this year on Jan. 5 and ends on Jan. 19.[Detail]
With the Spring Festival about one month away, the salted meat, fish and sausages are getting popular in Huaian, Jiangsu province.[Detail]
People in Huai'an would make the traditional duck soup in late autumn.[Detail]
Derived from the native cooking styles of the region centered upon Huai ' an , Yangzhou and Zhenjiang in Jiangsu province , Huaiyang cuisine is regarded as one of the Four Great Cuisines that dominate Chinese culinary , along with Cantonese Cuisine .[Detail]
Raw materials : big silver carp head , cooked lean meat ham , bamboo shoot , mushroom , false pakchoi , shallot , ginger , shaoxing wine , refined salt , sodium glutamate , cooked lard , white pepper powder .[Detail]
The Pingqiao Bean Curd is named after Pingqiao district of Huai ' an .It is braised with cooked diced meat , sliced chicken , dried shrimps , chicken soup and other raw materials.[Detail]
Side meat 800 g , pork soup 100 g , cabbage 1250 g.[Detail]
In 1999 , Wenlou Swelled Egg was granted for “ Famous Dish of Jiangsu ” by Provincial Trading Hall and Provincial Cuisine Association .[Detail]
The cattails , growing under the water , are the local product of Huai ' an .[Detail]
Turtle is also named soft-shelled turtle , which contains much protein , vitamin and aminophenol .[Detail]
Huai ’ an Dumplings is a characteristic local snack .[Detail]