Huai'an two sessions

The 1st Meeting of the 8th Huai ' an People ' s Congress was unveiled at Huai ' an Grand Theatre on the morning of Jan 17 .[Detail]
The 1st Meeting of the 8th Huai' an CPPCC ( Chinese People' s Political Consultative Conference ) kicked off at Huai' an Grand Theatre on the morning of Jan 16.[Detail]
Han Wenjun and his wife Luo Honglei have been CPPCC members for three consecutive years.[Detail]
"People in the information society can’t live without smartphones. And it is very common for students to surfing the internet on the phone. [Detail]
"Huai’ an has rich tourism resources and the downtown area and various counties and districts all have their own characteristics.[Detail]
"The reform of medical system is a long and hard journey. To straighten out the relation between doctors and medical cost and let doctors return to their due role of curing diseases is to respect them and be responsible for the patients," Fang Hui, a CPPCC member in Huai’an, expressed her view on precision medicine.[Detail]
"Reinforcing the functional orientation of space and guiding the rational industrial layout will help our city address the downward economic pressure and pave the way for economic recovery in the mid-term, "said Shan Jun, a CPPCC member in Huai’ an .[Detail]
Jiang Lili, who was newly elected as the 8th CPPCC member in Huai’ an, is a teacher at Jiangsu Food & Pharmaceutical Science College. Her first proposal is about the protection and development of intangible cultural heritages.[Detail]
Wu Jian, a CPPCC member from the China Democratic League, is the vice chairman of the Huai’an Calligraphers Association. He made a proposal to form the Huai’an National Arts Gallery on the basis of improving the China canal culture website and creating the China National Arts Alliance. [Detail]
Cao Mingtuo, chairman of Huai’ an Angel Medical Instruments, said that local enterprises were an important engine for the economic development in Huai’ an .[Detail]
" As the increasing aging population , traditional service models can no longer effectively benefit this huge group .[Detail]
Li Deming is a new deputy to Huai ' an NPC and Party branch secretary of Xueqiao village in Wugang township of Lianshui county .[Detail]
As a deputy to the new NPC , Ai Zishi , chairman of Jiangsu Shuntian Yuantai Auto Sales Service Co . , Ltd . , pay close attention to the development of real economy and auto market in Huai ' an .[Detail]
In the opinion of Li Guangjun , an NPC deputy in Huai ' an and principal of Binhe High School , a good school should prioritize the training of teachers , especially the young teachers .[Detail]
Chen Fang is Party committee secretary of Yinhe Community of Changxi Street . She was elected as municipal NPC deputy for the first time .[Detail]