A video from CCTV has recorded the old festive tradition and customs as well as new changes during the Chines Lunar New Year , or Spring Festival .[Detail]
Like my foreign friend Waz said , the first week of living in China is crazy but will pay off in the future .[Detail]
A young woman in Huai’an city has been hailed a hero after video emerged of her rescuing a boy from the vehicle flow on the street. [Detail]
Shared cars have become a cost-effective choice for people who are eager to make the best of the limited resources.Let’s take a close look. [Detail]
More than 100 properties in 10 villages were damaged , with ten people sustaining minor injuries .[Detail]
The city of Huai ’ an has made unremitting efforts to boost the construction of large investment projects through varied means and diversified efforts .[Detail]
For people of Huai’an, stir-fried eel is not just a source for cooking, it is more like a bond connecting people together. [Detail]
canal transportation museum .jpg
A place to show the past, the museum also uses high-tech demonstrations to tell the stories of the Grand Canal.  A projector produces a "flowing canal" on the floor.[Detail]
The old man in the photo is Mark Levin , an American folk singer and sociology doctor from Los Angeles .He said China is his first hometown.[Detail]
News came from Lianshui Airport in Huai’an that by September this year, the airport has achieved a passenger throughput of 609,749 person-time.[Detail]