Like my foreign friend Waz said , the first week of living in China is crazy but will pay off in the future .[Detail]
A young woman in Huai’an city has been hailed a hero after video emerged of her rescuing a boy from the vehicle flow on the street. [Detail]
Shared cars have become a cost-effective choice for people who are eager to make the best of the limited resources.Let’s take a close look. [Detail]
More than 100 properties in 10 villages were damaged , with ten people sustaining minor injuries .[Detail]
The city of Huai ’ an has made unremitting efforts to boost the construction of large investment projects through varied means and diversified efforts .[Detail]
For people of Huai’an, stir-fried eel is not just a source for cooking, it is more like a bond connecting people together. [Detail]
canal transportation museum .jpg
A place to show the past, the museum also uses high-tech demonstrations to tell the stories of the Grand Canal.  A projector produces a "flowing canal" on the floor.[Detail]
The old man in the photo is Mark Levin , an American folk singer and sociology doctor from Los Angeles .He said China is his first hometown.[Detail]
News came from Lianshui Airport in Huai’an that by September this year, the airport has achieved a passenger throughput of 609,749 person-time.[Detail]
Huai’an has long been under the spell of the Monkey King. The historic city is the birthplace of Wu Cheng’en, the author of the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West", which is considered one of the "four great classical novels of Chinese literature". [Detail]