Six reasons for Huaian’s prominence in northern Jiangsu
2018-03-29 11:09:00


In recent years, Huaian City has strengthened its “soft power” and built up major charms in six fields – tourism, shopping, food, education, health and living – while the city’s residents have a growing sense of happiness and gain.

Tourism in Huaian – Tourism has been at the center of the city’s efforts to boost its attraction and competitiveness. Huaian strives to build a tourism development landscape featuring “one core, two circles and five areas.” The core part means the downtown zone with historical, cultural and leisure attractions. Two circles mean tourism belts around Hongze Lake and Baima Lake. Five areas refer to a water transport historical zone, a theme park about “Journey to the West”, a forest resort in Xuyi County, Jinhu County’s water zone and the idyllic scenic area in Huailian.

Shopping in Huaian – Huaihai and Shuidukou CBDs have contributed to the existence of a business service network that is well-structured, optimized, advanced and comprehensive, greatly benefiting the local’s life and shopping experiences.

Food in Huaian - As the origin of Huaiyang Cuisine it has hosted the Huaiyang Food Festival, the Xuyi International Crayfish Food Festival and other events many times. In 2018, the city plans to organize China’s first international Huaiyang Cuisine expo. From 2015, Huaian also made full use of 4G, cloud storage, cloud-based monitoring and other Internet technology to realize food safety online.

Education in Huaian – Huaian has continued improving its higher education and occupational training in recent years. In October 2014, the Huaiyin Institute of Technology and Taiwan’s universities and companies launched the first college for Taiwan business people on the Chinese mainland. The college has organized many training sessions mainly serving Huaian city and northern Jiangsu areas.

Health in Huaian – The city has accelerated the ‘Healthy Huaian’ program, deepened medical and health-care reform, built a modern medical and services system, and endeavored to establish a medical and health center in northern Jiangsu.

Living in Huaian - The city has made it a priority to improve housing conditions for ordinary people and continued the transformation of shanty towns.

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