Xuyi develops rice-crayfish industry
2017-09-21 16:36:00

The Xuyi Crayfish has become an important pillar in Xuyi’s local economic development thanks to the China Xuyi International Crayfish Festival in recent years. The Communist Party of China’s Xuyi county committee and the Xuyi county government now consider the “development of rice-crayfish industry” as a people-enriching project.

Out of 1.1 million mu (161,700 hectares) of rice fields in Xuyi county, 600,000 mu (88,200 hectares) is suitable for crayfish cultivation. To support the development of rice-crayfish industry, Xuyi has launched a series of measures, such as giving preference to projects in areas suitable for rice-crayfish development, in townships willing to develop rice-crayfish industry and in townships having good track record in rice-crayfish cultivation.

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