Huai’an expats proud of second home
2018-02-02 17:22:00

With prosperous development in economy and opening-up, Huai’an is becoming a hot spot for foreigners to study, work and live.

Egyptian PhD: Pursue inner peace in Huai’an

“Huai’an is no doubt an ideal place for me,” said Egyptian PhD Abbott from Huaiyin Institute of Technology. Abbott used to live in Cairo, a city with only one third of Huaian’s land, but three times the population. So when he came to Huai’an, he was instantly attracted by the peaceful atmosphere here. The clean city, pleasant climate and friendly people here all make him want to stay. He just picked up his whole family to Huai’an. After more than half a year, he is still excited about Huaiyang Cuisine and tramcars here.

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