Water constitutes the most unique landscape of Hongze District in Huai’an City, as the district sits with the Hongze Lake on the west, the Baima Lake on the east, the Huaihe River-Yangtze River Waterway on the south, and the Northern Jiangsu Irrigation Channel on the north. Hongze is gradually implementing its integrated tourism strategy with water at the core.[Detail]
Qinghuai New Material Technology Co., Ltd from Huaian, with its Nickel–rich lithium battery project, won the title of Excellent Enterprise at the 6th Entrepreneurship Jiangsu Competition, local media reported on Aug. 14. [Detail]
The Huaian Productivity Promotion Center has won the 2017 Productivity Promotion Awards, recently released by the China Association of Productivity Promotion Centers, for service contribution for the first time, Jiangsu media reported on Aug. 14. [Detail]
Huai ' an City and Xinhua Daily Media Group inked a strategic agreement in the city on Aug . 7 , with both sides pledging to have cooperation in major publicity projects , event planning , think tank service , talent training and other fields .[Detail]
On an Air China flight from Melbourne to Shanghai on the afternoon of Aug. 4, a retired doctor of Huai’an City helped save an 88-year-old Chinese-Australian passenger.[Detail]
The first online reporting platform for public interest litigation in Huai’an City kicked off on the morning of Aug. 3, when observers responsible for monitoring harms to the public interest were also appointed.[Detail]
Students in their first-year study at Hongze Lake High School in Huai’an visit the city’s firefighting department and the Hongze Lake Museum on Aug 6 to experience the life of firefighters and also learn about the history and culture of the lake.[Detail]
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A 36 - hour-old newborn baby named Tongtong had to receive urgent surgery at Huai ' an Maternal and Child Health Hospital to repair multiple birth defects - anal atresia combined with esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula .[Detail]
Many cities in Jiangsu Province have joined the national charitable initiative by offering unmanned freezers to make life easier for outdoor workers in the hot summer including sanitation workers , couriers , and takeaway delivery drivers .[Detail]
Rapid progress has been made in building key transportation projects in Huaian City since the beginning of this year, with 5.1 billion yuan ($747 million) being invested in transportation infrastructure construction during the first six months. [Detail]
The 7th plenary session of the 7th CPC Huaian Committee took place on July 27. [Detail]
Photo taken on July 28 shows workers braving summer heat at the construction site of Huaiai Road Bridge in Huaian, Jiangsu province.[Detail]
The Huaian Municipal Government released a set of 58 measures to facilitate economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan, aiming to attract more Cross-Straits industrial cooperation projects and lead the transformation and upgrading of Taiwan-funded enterprises. [Detail]
Huaian First People’s Hospital won the Best Clinical Service Project award at the Hospital Management Asia 2018 held on July 18, for the entry The Application of Precision Management in the Process Improvement of Outpatient Service in Large Hospitals. [Detail]
Since the beginning of this year, Huaian City has stepped up efforts to build key agricultural projects, making continuous progress in inking agreements, starting production, enlarging scale and improving quality, Jiangsu media reported on July 25. [Detail]