A number of inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, including Pulou Vinegar and Sauce, Ji Yunhua Ceramic Carving and Wu Xiaoqi Egg-Shell Carving in Qingjiangpu district of Huai’an city in East China’s Jiangsu province, gathered on the afternoon of Oct 18. [Detail]
In Jiangsu Provincial Culture Center, a contest winning opera and sketch comedy-based performance team came for couplet assistance in Ai Kou Village, Huai'an District, Huai'an, on Oct 16. Comic dialogues, a soprano solo, a clapper ballad, Subei pianology and other acts were performed onstage in the Jiangsu Provincial Culture Center, with villagers enjoying these funny pieces. [Detail]
Jiangsu province’s Huai’an city has been constantly strengthening supply-side structural reform in its financial service sector and steadily expanding its financing scale since the beginning of 2017, according to Jiangsu media on Oct 17. [Detail]
The Qingjiangpu District in Huai’an city, Jiangsu province, held a ceremony on Oct 9 for contract signature and construction commencement of 45 major projects in the district. Among the 45 projects with the total investment of 60.48 billion yuan ($8.89 billion)[Detail]
By Oct 8, Huai’an city’s 58 main tourist sites and countryside tourism areas received about 2.39 million tourists during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays from Oct 1 to 8, a year-on-year increase of 11 percent, according to Jiangsu media on Oct 9. [Detail]
Located in western Jiangsu province on Huaihe River , Hongze Lake in Huai ' an city has attracted an increasing number of visitors in recent years , due to its delicacies and well-protected environment .[Detail]
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The first batch of 80 shared electric bicycles were put into five spots in Huai ’ an of Jiangsu province , Sept 29.[Detail]
The design scheme for the memorial hall has been completed. Renovation work is scheduled to begin in mid-October, and will be completed by the end of January the following year, in time for the 120th anniversary of the birth of Zhou on March 5. [Detail]
The third Huai'an Zhou Xinfang Opera Festival opened in the Jiangsu Huai'an Grand Theater on September 28, 2017. [Detail]
A farmer operated a harvester on farmland shared by crayfish and rice at Mingzuling town, Xuyi county, Huai’an city, East China's Jiangsu province on Sunday. During the period around the autumnal equinox, which fell on Saturday, farmers in Xuyi county, also known as the Town of Crayfish, started to harvest rice on their crayfish-rice farmland. [Detail]
All members of a HIMSS expert assessment team, including its global vice-president and director of its assessment center, unanimously said that the hospital’s IT level has met the HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6 hospital standard after carrying out an overall assessment. [Detail]
Beautiful melodies of Jinhua Yangko Dance are flowing from the central elementary school of Hengqiao village in Minqiao town, Jinhu county. It's reported that Mrs Zhang Yuzhen, a provincial-level inheritor of Jinhu Yangko, is teaching this local dance to the children. [Detail]
A contract-signing ceremony for establishing the Sino-German Football Academy was held at the Huaiyin Normal University in Huai’an, a city of Jiangsu province, in Eastern China on Sept 23. [Detail]
As the water level is approporiate for shipping , the Grand Canal has recently gone through a water transportation peak .[Detail]