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Xuyi in Huai’an begins to harvest crayfish
2017-05-18 17:25:00


A ceremony to mark the beginning of the crayfish harvest was held on May 17 during the 17th China Xuyi (Jincheng) International Crayfish Festival. Hundreds of tourists witnessed numerous crayfish-catching boats simultaneously set sail from a village named Mingzuling in Xuyi, where the Ming Ancestors Mausoleum is located.

With the abundant rainfall this year, Xuyi has achieved an average crayfish productivity of about 140 kilograms per mu (0.07 hectares). The region's crayfish farms stretch across 13,300 hectares, with some plots generating up to 150 kilograms per mu.

Focusing on crayfish-themed tourist sites, Xuyi has successively built a research and development center, museum and science and technology park dedicated to the bright red crustacean. Crayfish-related sectors have become one of the pillar industries in Xuyi. The “Xuyi Crayfish” has been granted a series of special honors including the brand-name agricultural product in China, the well-known trademark in China, the famous dish in China and the first living-crayfish export base in China.

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