China (Huaian) International Food Expo kicked off in Huaian City, Jiangsu Province on April 19. The three-day event featuring themed exhibitions, a summit and gourmet contest has attracted many visitors and citizens.[Detail]
The 2018 Hongze Lake Peony Culture and Art Festival kicked off in Xishunhe town of Huaian on April 14. [Detail]
Flocks of egrets are seen recently at Qidashan Forest Park in Xuyi county of Huaian, as the weather warms up and the trees are turning green. [Detail]
Crabapple blossoms are seen in full bloom at Chuxiu Garden in Huaian on Apr. 2, attracting lots of visitors. The city’s 5th Crabapple Blossom Festival kicked off on Apr. 1.[Detail]
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To properly carry on and promote local intangible heritages , schools in Hongze district opened special courses for students .Bamboo drum dance , a popular way for fishermen to celebrate harvest , was listed among the fourth batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage .[Detail]
Cherry blossoms are seen in full bloom in Weishui wetland of Huaian’s Hongze district, Mar. 28. Thousands of cherry blossom trees are entering the best blooming season as the temperature goes up these days. [Detail]
Spreading over a network of waterways, the city of Huai'an is abundant in aquatic products. Here, the river snails are turned into appetizing dishes after locals cook them in various styles. [Detail]
Attracting scores of tourists looking for a chance to take in the radiant colors and natural beauty . / VCG Photo.[Detail]
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Huaian is a city prospered by canal .It witnessed the booming days of the Grand Canal of Sui ( 581-618 ) and Tang ( 618-907 ) dynasties .[Detail]
Aerial photo taken on March 13 shows the beautiful spring scenery along the Hongze Lake in Huaian , Jiangsu province .[Detail]
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An exhibition under the theme of traditional costume of Bai Ethnic Group was held at Huai ’ an Museum , March 11.[Detail]
Lots of children visit Huai’an Zoo together with their parents, as the temperature in Jiangsu has been on the rise on March 11. Animals, as well as the visitors, all enjoy the early spring. [Detail]
Cao Xueqin drives bus in Hongze District, Huaian, East China ' s Jiangsu Province, Mar 8 .[Detail]
A ceremony was held to present flowers to the statue of former Premier Zhou Enlai at Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall in Huaian City, East China’s Jiangsu Province on March 5.[Detail]