Lasting for 16 days, the 17th China Xuyi Crayfish Festival wrapped up in sparkling fireworks on the night of June 28, 2017, presenting a grand sight feast to citizen and visitors. [Detail]
Maritime, fishery, and tourism departments and companies from Hongze district, Huai'an city, Jiangsu province held a joint safety drill on the waters near the Hongze Lake Bathing Spot on June 28. A total of 50 people and 13 ships participated in search and rescue of drowning victims, salvage of grounded ships, and fire rescue. [Detail]
The water level at Malanggang in Huai’an, where the Huai River joins the Hongze Lake, measured at 12.12 meters on June 27. It was 0.38 meter lower than the level of 12.50 meters for ships’ normal navigation. The low water level has narrowed Hongze Lake’s waterways, which limited and slowed ships’ navigation speeds at Zhangfuhe waterway crossing in Hongze Lake’s downstream area at Xishunhe town, Hongze district, Huai’an city. Local water-borne administrative department in Hongze district has recently dispatched patrol boats everyday to ensure the stable waterway operation [Detail]
The Lotus Park in Xishunhe town, Hongze District of Huai'an boast 1000 mu (66.67 hectares) of lotus flowers. [Detail]
A consultation on college enrollment was held in Huai’an, June 26. Representatives from over 70 universities including Nanjing University and Southeast University gave information and instruction on the enrollment policies to high school graduates and their parents.[Detail]
Photo taken on June 21, 2017 shows farmers working in a 60-mu (4-hectare) experimental plot in Sanhe Town, Jiangsu’s city of Huai’an. The experimental plot belongs to Yangzhou University. [Detail]
Photo taken on Jun. 21 shows farmers planting rice seedlings in Huai’an, Jiangsu province.[Detail]
People appreciate lanterns at night in Huai'an, Jiangsu, June 19, 2017. [Detail]
A light festival kicked off along the Hongze Lake in Huai’an, Jiangsu province on Jun. 17, pulling in large numbers of visitors.[Detail]
17th Xuyi International Lobster Festival officially kicked off in Xuyi County Landscape Plaza, Huai'an, Jiangsu province. Nearly 2,000 public performers showed portrayals of ordinary residents’ lifestyle. [Detail]
The Xuyi county government has signed a cooperation agreement with Tmall in Alibaba Xixi Park, based in Huai’an, Jiangsu. The move was made on June 7, and the staff onsite welcomed other employees with crayfish at the entrance of the park to mark the occasion. [Detail]
Farmers planting their crops in the rain at Xuyi county, Huai’an city of Jiangsu province, on June 5. The Grain Rain of the 24 solar terms of China fell on June 5 this year.[Detail]
A crayfish cooking competition was held in Xuyi county, Huai'an, Jiangsu province, on June 3. [Detail]
With product innovation and promotion of cold chain logistics, the annual output value of crayfish in Xuyi county, Jiangsu province has surpassed ten billion yuan (about 1.47 billion U.S. dollars). [Detail]