Huai'an City completed an investment of 3.217 billion yuan for water conservancy projects in 2018, maintaining a high level of support for eight consecutive years.[Detail]
The prefabricated steel box girder connects with the cast-in-place girder for the New Grand Canal Bridge in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, January 23, 2019, marking a new milestone in the bridge’s construction. [Detail]
Huai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone continued to take the lead in Huai'an city in terms of main indicators including the total output value and added value of industrial enterprises above designated size. [Detail]
January 1 marked the official conclusion of laying the 82km long track of Xuzhou-Suqian-Huai'an-Yancheng Railway in Huai'an. [Detail]
Since the beginning of this year, Huai'an has adhered to the tenet of “City for the People” and made great efforts to build ecologically livable homes at two fronts - pollution control and becoming a “national civilized city,” China's top honor for civilized urban development. [Detail]
Huai’an City plans to build seven urban rail transit lines with a total length of 255 kilometers, according to a planning recently approved by the city’s government. [Detail]
Yao Xiaodong, secretary of the CPC Huai’an Committee met with delegations from Sassnitz, Germany and Bátonyterenye, Hungary, who arrived in Huai’an on October 23 for a 3-day visit. [Detail]
Huai'an's foreign trade increased by 10.6 percent year-on-year in the first three quarters to reach 24.35 billion yuan ($3.51 billion), higher than the national and provincial growth rate. [Detail]
The Huaian Productivity Promotion Center has won the 2017 Productivity Promotion Awards, recently released by the China Association of Productivity Promotion Centers, for service contribution for the first time, Jiangsu media reported on Aug. 14. [Detail]
The Bureau of Market Regulation of Xuyi County , Huai ’ an City has issued the city ’ s first business license for foreign-funded enterprises after it has streamlined procedures to provide one-stop service for applying for business license .[Detail]
Municipal statistics showed that the actual use of foreign investment in Huaian city, Jiangsu province was $520 million, a 2.3 percent increase compared with that of last year. [Detail]
The Huaian Municipal Government released a set of 58 measures to facilitate economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan, aiming to attract more Cross-Straits industrial cooperation projects and lead the transformation and upgrading of Taiwan-funded enterprises. [Detail]
Since the beginning of this year, Huaian City has stepped up efforts to build key agricultural projects, making continuous progress in inking agreements, starting production, enlarging scale and improving quality, Jiangsu media reported on July 25. [Detail]
A forum on Huaian’s cooperation with Europe and Germany was held in the city on May 6, when participants held deep exchanges over trade and economic development.[Detail]
Huaian City is one of the regions with the most rapid growth for Taiwan investment on the Chinese mainland .[Detail]