Tour Activities in the Dragon Year
2012-01-21 10:45:00

  China Dinosaur Park: International Fireworks Festival
  Activity 1: International Fireworks Festival
  Time:Day Park: 9:00-17:00, January 1- 28; NightPark: 17:00-22:30, January 24-28, February 3-6
  Activity 2: Courtshipin progress
  Date:February 14.
  Yancheng Park: The Second New Year Lantern Festival
  Time:January 23-February 6; Day Park: 9:00 -17: 00; Night park: 17:00-22: 00.
  Joyland Amusement Park: Animation Exhibition
  Activity: Exhibition of Chinese and Foreign Cartoons
  Time: New Year's Day to Spring Festival
  Ticket: 200 yuan /person
  Tips: Park will be closed in January 21, 22
  Tianning Pagoda: Blessing for Dragon City
  Time:January 22-February 6
  Activity: Ring the Bell for Blessing in the New Year's Eve
  Time: 8:00pm -2:00 am, January 22
  Location: Tianning Temple
  Activity: Tianning Pagoda Lantern Party
  Time: 7:00 pm-10:00 pm, February 6
  Location:Tianning Pagoda
  Tianmu Lake: Joyful Trips
  Nanshan Bamboo Forest
  Activity 1: Ring Bell Blessing Trip
  Activity 2: Folk Experience Trip
  Tianmu LakeLandscape Garden
  Activity 1: Lion Dance
  Location: At the Gate of Landscape Garden
  Activity 2: "Perfection" Food Street
  Location:Sea World Plaza in Landscape Garden
  Rural Tourist Spots
  During the Spring Festival, all therural tourist spots open for business as usual. Editor:吴心海

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