Tianmu Lake —— sweet water, fragrant tea and tasty fish head soup
2011-12-19 10:02:00

  Tianmu Lake Tourist Resort has three core tourist products, that is, Mountain and Water Garden, Nanshan Bamboo Sea and Yushui Hot Spring, which have initially formed a tourist attraction intergrading six functions, including tourist centre, vacation leisure, forest park, agricultural history and culture, environmental protection and lake entertainment. It has certified by the ISO14001 environmental management system.

  Tianmu Lake Mountain and Water Garden consists of five major spots: In-lake Mountain, Sea World, Rural View Area, Superexcellent Mountain and Water View and Longxing Island. The resort lies two national large reservoirs separately named Shahe and Daxi. Located at the offshoot of Tianmu Mountain in Zhejiang Province, these two reservoirs seem to be a pair of bright eyes of a maid if overlooked from a bird’s view. Therefore, they were named “Tianmu (Heavenly Eyes) Lake”.

  Gracefulness, rustic charm and three-treasures are the three very features of Tianmu Lake Tourist and Vacation Resort. Gracefulness: Tianmu Lake is surrounded by hills. The clean water is chequered with the chess-board like farmlands and interspersing tea plantations, which forms a purely natural picturesque pastoral scene. With the shoreline zigzagging and isles scattering in the lake, tourists boating in the lake can enjoy the fascinating convergence of the natural sceneries and the man-made landscapes. Rustic charm: in the scenic zone, ancient and precious trees, exotic flowers and rare herbs show their various shapes and diverse colors. Boars, hares, pheasants and wild ducks inhabit and multiply here, enjoying the natural pleasure. The artificially fed camels, macaques, spotted deer and peacocks are found amusing and interesting. The symbiotic mountains, water, forests, birds and beasts form a wondrous natural ecological world. The three-treasures: sweet water, fragrant tea and tasty fish head soup are the three treasures of Tianmu Lake. Due to the governmental emphasis on the environmental protection, the lake area is free from any pollution; therefore the lake water remains the purity and mineral composition of natural spring water. Tested and approved by the environmental protection authorities of Jiangsu, the water exceeds the national Class 2 drinking water standard. The brands of, “Shahe Precious Tea” and “South Mountain Longevity Tea” and “Fragrant Tea in Glaze Color” produced in the tea gardens of the resort have become famous tea brands throughout the country. Tianmu Lake is rich in big gray silver carp, the raw material of “Shahe Fish Head Soup”. The fish head soup is famous and constitutes a unique food culture. Many national leaders and foreign guests have tasted the soup and high appreciated it.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:吴心海