Universal Dinosaur Town —— the 1st 5-A tourist spot of Changzhou
2011-12-14 17:20:00

Universal Dinosaur Town integrates diverse functions including tourism, commercial trade, leisure, culture and habitation, etc. As a large-scale tourist leisure community with mature matching services and clear-cut distinctions, it was successfully promoted as the first 5-A national tourist spot of Changzhou. With Dinosaur as the theme, the core part of Universal Dinosaur Town, China Dinosaur Park, is a synthetic theme park with museum display, popular scientific education, sightseeing, entertaining leisure and interactive performance in one combined. It has obtained the honor of “Oriental Jurassic Park”.

China Dinosaur Museum is the core and soul of China Dinosaur Park. It contains a sea of popular knowledge of dinosaurs and is a theme museum with the most concentration of dinosaur fossils discovered in China. The museum covers a total area of over 20,000 square meters. The top of the museum which shaped like a dinosaur head is 71 meters high while the highest point of the internal dome is 36 meters.Taking the occurrence, revolution and extinction of ancient species as the main clue, it aims at carrying forward the new opinion of nature, namely, the harmonious development between the human being and the nature. Fully applying the technique of bionic architecture, the museum outline seems to be three dinosaurs chatting secretly from a distance. A full-bodied dinosaur-structured building shapes the display, entertainment and science popularization space of the museum. The modern technology and entertainment measures inside are set up for the construction of a dynamic space with both scientific enlightenment and esthetic sentiment. In this new-style hall of science, where historical materialism is merged into tourist experience, there are more than 10 tourist places like special-effect movie theater, earth evolution hall, marine organism hall, corridor, jungle hall, solution cavity hall, dinosaur display hall, Sinosauropteryx hall and dinosaur extinction hall, etc.

The dinosaur display hall covers an area of 2000m2, which is divided into three major parts, that is, display, amusement and scientific research. More than 50 dinosaur fossils belonging to different geological ages are displayed, including Yangchuanosaurus, Mamenchisaurus,Shantungosaurus, Bactrosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, etc. The display hall breaks through the traditional concept of “natural science”, takes the biological evolution history as the background, gives prominence to the occurrence, multiply, evolution and extinction of the dinosaur and thus reveals the implied theme of biological and environmental protection of the human being.

The hall of Sinosauropteryx is where the world-level national treasure, Sinosauropteryx, is displayed. Sinosauropteryx was the earliest feathered transitional animal between dinosaurs and birds, which actually represents the ancestor of birds. The discovery of Sinosauropteryx strongly supported the theory that birds were developed from small theropods.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:吴心海